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Visited Purdue ECE. I was a guest lecturer at EE400 and EE694A

Centennial MarkerWas a guest lecturer at the Purdue ECE senior seminar class, ECE400 and the graduate student seminar, ECE694A. I gave a presentation on the problems engineers were solving to build the 4G-LTE mobile network.  I surveyed issues of spectrum, user experience, macro-cells, metro cells, mobile application design and some examples of engineering issues meeting public ethics.

I had two very lively classes.  I got lots of questions and was very impressed with the students.  Further I was delighted with the ECE department team who hosted me along with two student ambassadors.

Tips for travelers.  The Purdue  EE building is located on Northwestern Ave.  The Purdue Visitor Information Center is across the street.  Park there.  My hosts reserved an “A” parking sticker for me; for past visits, I was able to buy a parking pass for $5.  Next to the EE building is the MSEE building; it has a nice snack shop area; it’s a good place for visitors who are early, to hang-out.  I visited the HKN lounge in the basement of the EE building; it was hopping!  Good to visit but maybe not the place for an out of town visitor.


I attach to this posting some photos from the nice campus.

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