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Walk Baltimore Inner Harbor and Downtown Area

My First Day

After my first full day of meetings in Baltimore Inner Harbor, I went for a pre-dinner walk.  My hotel is on the Baltimore Inner Harbor front.  I started there, walked North along Gay Street upto City Hall. Then I turned left and looped back South along Commerce Street back to the Inner Harbor / Pratt Street.
HarborplaceAlong the way, I saw: the Holocaust Memorial, United State Appraisers’ Stores, United States Custom House, Charles L. Benton Jr. Building, the Baltimore Street Red Light district, War Memorial Building and Plaza, Zion Lutheran Church, Memorial  to The Negro Heroes of the United States, Stratford University, World Trade Center, Harbor Maritime Museum, and Pratt Street Power Plant.
The weather was overcast, with a steady drizzle.

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My Last Evening

After dinner on my last day of meeting in Baltimore, I went for an evening walk through the downtown area.
I started at my hotel on the Inner Harbor (Pratt Street) and walked North and West on Lombard St.  I walked up to the iconic Bromo-Seltzer Tower, then I headed North and walked East on Baltimore Street, turned left on to Calvert Street to the nicely lit-up Battle Monument.  From there, I zig-zagged over to South Street and walked over to the Inner Harbor water front where I walked over to Pier 5, then headed back to my hotel.
Bromo TowerAlong the way, I saw:  William Donald Schaefer  Federal Building and it’s colorful lawn sculpture, The Emerson Bromo-Seltzer Tower, Bank of America Building, Battle Monument, City Hall, Furness House, National Aquarium, Pratt Street Power Plant, Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology (IMET), and the USCGC Taney Coast Guard Cutter.
This was my first visit to Baltimore Inner Harbor, and it rained the whole time, all three days.  I wasn’t going to let some rain stop me from exploring the historic downtown area, but maybe next time I will come when it isn’t monsoon season and explore a little further.  And, maybe even see an Orioles baseball game at the nearby Camden Yard ballpark.


Overall, the Baltimore Inner Harbor area is very nice and very new.  When you walk further into the historic downtown area, you see buildings that are considerably older and of more historic significance.  I nice place to wander through.
The Baltimore Inner Harbor area is a good area for business meetings.  Lots of shopping and dinner spots nearby.  I was able to go back and forth to the airport over a very convenient Light Rail line (cheap, too!)