Rue Cler

Paris Walk – La Tour Eiffel, Rue Cler, École Militaire, Le Mur pour la Paix

I was done with my last day of meetings in Paris, and from my hotel I went for a walk before dinner.

I was staying two blocks from the La Tour Eiffel; I started from here, walked through the Champ de Mars (park land area by the Tour Effel), then North East up Rue Saint-Dominque, turning right onto Rue Cler.  At the Southern point of the street, I made my way over to the École Militaire, where I walked my way toward La Tour Eiffel and back to my hotel.
Along the way I saw the following noteworthy sites:  Église Saint-Pierre du Gros Caillou, Cavalerie, Joffre equestrian statue, Le Mur pour la Paix / The Wall for Peace.
Rue Cler.  I learned about this street from the Rick Steves TV show.  It’s a lively market street with fresh food, boulangeries, flowers, and outdoor cafes with lots of people and atmosphere.  It was fun to walk through.
Champ de Mars. This is the park area between La Tour Eiffel and the École Militaire.  I have been here before, but I haven’t ever walked it from the South East.  First thing I noticed was the Peace Wall.  This was a really nice monument, ironically located across the street from the military school.  Also, the park was the site of a very lively outdoor concert with lots of people listening to the music.
This was a delightful early evening walk!

Paris Walk – La Tour Eiffel, Rue Cler, École Militaire, Le Mur pour la Paix at EveryTrail

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