Purdue Campus Walk – Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong

I was on the campus of Purdue University for a day of meetings. After my meetings I went for a late afternoon walk around the Engineering Mall.

I started at the parking garage across the street from the MSEE building, walked along Northwestern Ave, turned left / West onto Stadium Ave, then left again onto Stadium Mall drive.  This had me walking straight into the center of the Engineering Mall area, through which I headed back to the car.

Along the way, I stopped at the Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering.  He has a very popular status sitting out front.  This statue had been featured on many of the recent memorial TV shows celebrating his life after his recent passing.  Many of the decorations and memorial tributes had been removed from the statue and put on nice display in the lobby of the building.  The students and the campus community were clearly moved by the recent events and have warmly showed their respect.

The late afternoon light also made from some nice pictures especailly of the iconic Bell Tower and Fountain.

The campus was alot of fun to visit and I don’t think I could have asked for better weather.

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