Flatiron Building

Manhattan Walk – Flatiron, Empire State, and Herald Square

Flatiron Building

Flatiron Building view looking South on 5th and Broadway

I was in Manhattan for a day of meetings.  My hotel, the location of the meetings, was on 26th Street right near 7th Ave.  The late afternoon of my arrival I decided to go for a walk.

I started walking East on 26th; I passed by Broadway, and turned South onto 5th Ave.  I walked down to the Flatiron Building.  I looped back around, heading North on 5th to the Empire State Building.  I turned left onto 34th, headed over to Macy’s.  I took a break at Herald Square, then headed back South along Broadway to 26th.  From there, I headed back to my hotel.

Along the way, I saw:  Madison Square Park, Metropolitan Life Tower, NY Life Building, One Madison Park building, Merchandise Mart Building, Admiral Farragut monument, Worth Square, Marble Collegiate Church, Textile Building, 309 Fifth Avenue skyscraper under construction, Haier Building, James Gordon Bennett Memorial at Herald Square, One Penn Plaza, Herald Square Building, Greeley Square, etc.

The hotel was 6 short blocks from Penn Station / Madison Square Garden.  The hotel proudly named itself the Hilton New York Fashion district.

The sky was clear with just wisps of clouds.  The sun was low, and it made for some very nice photos.  The next day, it rained, and I wouldn’t have been able to do this beautiful walk.  I am glad I went for a walk when I did.

Manhattan Walk – Flatiron, Garment Districts

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