#IVotedToday About 20 minutes at 5th Ave Station in #Naperville. #Election2012 #Vote

#IVotedToday About 20 minutes at 5th Ave Station in #Naperville. #Election2012 #Vote, a photo by jkozik on Flickr.

#Naperville #Election2012

 Naperville Election 2012.

Here’s the sticker I got after I voted today. The polling place, 5th Ave Station in Naperville Election 2012 , was crowded, but not too bad. About a 20 minute wait.. Even though it’s a train station, there was a big block of parking spots.

The ballots was a large legal sized page of paper.  I was given a black felt tip marker.  When done, a slid the ballot into a xerox machine sized vote reader.  I was delighted to get the “I voted today” sticker.

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