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Walk Historic Center of Mexico City — Palacio de Bellas Artes to Zócalo

Back ground on my Historic Center of Mexico City posting: after our first day of meetings in Mexico City, I got a ride over to the Historic Center and went for a walk.  I started at the Palacio de Bellas Artes, the beautiful Art Nouveau opera house, walk east on Calle de Tacuba to the Zócalo / Plaza de la Constitución.

Metropolitan CathedralBenito Juárez Memorial

I briefly saw the historic plaza.  I then walked back to the opera house via the famous Calle Madero pedestrian shopping street.

Along the way, I saw Torre Latinoamericana skyscraper, Banco de México, Edificio de Correos / Palacio Postal, MUNAL / Museo Nacional de Arte, El Caballito equestrian statue, Palacio de Minería, Museo del Ejército y Fuerza Aérea, Biblioteca del Congreso de la Unión, Zapaterias leon shoe store, Metropolitan Cathedral, Hotel Majestic and Gran Hotel, Palacio del Ayuntamiento, Edificio La Mexicana, Templo de San Felipe Neri, Palacio de Cultural Banamex, Edificio High Life, Templo de San Francisco, Casa de los Azulejos, and finally the Benito Juárez Memorial.

The late afternoon / early evening was very nice, but it did start to lightly rain toward the end.  Much to my surprise, the Zócalo plaza was completely full of people with tents.  I couldn’t really get in the plaza area, so I took a couple of quick pictures and moved on.

Later that evening my hotel told me that it was a protest.  I never sensed any hostility, but overall I think it was good that I only stayed briefly.



As a general practice, the security organization at my work asks all travelers to Mexico City to only use pre-arranged cars.  My hotel was happy to help.  To get to the Centro Histórico my hotel gave me a ride; to return, they arranged for me to get a ride from the Hilton right next to the Bellas Artes.

Overall, I felt safe and was really glad I went for this walk.
Church of San Francisco
Saint Louis Cathedral

New Orleans French Quarter Walk

Saint Louis CathedralBackground on my New Orleans French Quarter Walk: After my second day of meetings, I went out for a late evening walk through the French Quarter / Vieux Carré.

Guitar PlayerI started at Bourbon and Canal Street.  I walked Southeast along Canal Street to the Riverwalk Marketplace.  I circled back up Canal and branched onto N Peters Street, which merged into Decatur St.  I stopped at Jackson Square, then worked my way up St Peters Street, turned left onto Royal Street.  I passed by many shops, restaurants and street performers and ended up back on Canal.

The sun was setting on my New Orleans French Quarter Walk, the light was really nice and I took some good pictures.  Noteworthy:  Canal Streetcars, United States Custom House, Harrah’s New Orleans Hotel and Casino, Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, Paddlewheeler Creole Queen, Bienville  NOLA Founder statue, Saint Louis Cathedral, Cabildo, Charles de Gaulle Fountain, Major General Andrew Jackson statue, Court of Appeal building and Pat O’Brien’s.

Creole TownhouseI really liked the New Orleans French Quarter architecture.  The Creole Townhouses with their unique balconies are really nice looking, and I like how they are each decorated and painted differently.  Very nice character.  Also informative, the French Quarter has signs that remind you that this was also a Spanish Colonial city.

Just so you know, Jackson Square closes at 7pm sharp. I was lucky to get in and get a couple of pictures.  Also, some of the key St Louis Cathedral pictures were taken facing into the sun; I decided I was coming back the next morning.

Streetcar, Canal StreetThe next morning I headed back to Jackson Square and took a few more photos, but with sunrise, instead of sunset, lighting.  My focus was to get St Louis Cathedral, the Cabildo, and the Andrew Jackson equestrian statue all with better morning lighting.

My morning walk was from Canal street, following Chartres Street straight to St Louis Cathedral.  I then walked around Jackson Square, then headed back on Decatur Street finishing on Canal.


As you might expect, at 6am in New Orleans, there are still some people out the prior night.  Indeed there were a couple of bars open, or at least they looked open.  But also, I stumbled upon a side walk spraying crew; they had a small truck with a big heavy plastic container filled with soapy, sudsy water.  I viewed this as a good thing.

French Quarter / Vieux Carré walk — Canal, Riverwalk, Decatur, St Peters, Royal at EveryTrail

Engineering Fountain

Purdue Campus Walk

Here’s the background behind my Purdue Campus Walk:  I took the day off of work and drove down to West Lafayette to attend the celebration of the Purdue’s Computer Science Department’s 50th anniversary. This was a good chance for me to meet former professors, fellow alumni, students, and listen to day of distinguished speakers.

Memorial GymBefore this day of activities, I went for an early morning walk through the center of campus.  My meetings started at 10am, and I timed my walk with the rise of the early morning Sun over the tree tops — making for some very nice lighting on the buildings.

I started my Purdue Campus Walk at the Purdue Memorial Union, walked West along State Street, cross through Memorial Mall, crossed by the Armory to University Street, then headed back through the Engineering Mall, then cut through the Chemistry Buildings back to the Union.

Along the way, I saw:  Purdue Memorial Union, St. Thomas Aquinas, University Hall, Spirit Arch, Purdue Bell Tower, Elliott Hall of Music, Memorial Gym, Math Sciences Building, Lawson Computer Science Building, Hovde Hall, Engineering Fountain, Potter Building, and the Wetherill Laboratory of Chemistry.

This is a favorite campus walk for me.  Nice familiar place, with lots of good memories.  This morning was very nice morning for a Purdue Campus Walk.

Lawson Building


If you can, get a room at the Union Club Hotel.  This is the only hotel on campus.  Since the campus doesn’t permit cars, it is very hard to find a parking place.

At the Union, you can park in the hotel garage and walk anywhere on campus.  Everything is nice and close — easy walking.

Purdue Campus Walk – Union, University Hall, Bell Tower, Engineering Mall at EveryTrail

Jaffa Clock Tower

Old Jaffa Walking Tour

St. Peter's ChurchBackground for my Old Jaffa Walking Tour: We were in Tel Aviv for a week’s worth of business meetings.  After our last meeting, we took a pre-dinner ride a couple of miles south to start our brief Old Jaffa Walking Tour.

Our hotel is located in Tel Aviv, right on the Mediterranean.  From our hotel we can faintly see the clock tower from St. Peter’s Church and the Minaret of Al-Bahr Mosque / Sea Mosque.  Even though our hotel and Jaffa are both on the Tel Aviv Promenade, a stretch of boulevard full of people out for the evening, we decided to save time and took a taxi to Jaffa.

Gate of FaithOur taxicab driver took us to the Abrasha Park at the top of the hill named Tel Yafo in Old Jaffa.  We walked around and saw some interesting sites:  a small park area with a sculpture named “The Gates of Faith,” “Tel Yafo Excavation” — an archaeological dig of an egyptian fortress, the “Wishing Bridge,” St Peter’s Church.

We started walking down the Jaffa Hill, following the Mifrats Shlomo Promenade, the walk way closest to the water.  We saw the Minaret of Al-Bahr Mosque / Sea Mosque, a beautiful view of the Tel Aviv night-time cityscape, Arab Hebrew Theatre of Jaffa.

Sea MosqueWhen we got to the bottom of the hill we wandered among small food market along Yefet Street near the HaPishpeshim Market area.  We walked to the North East entrance of Old Jaffa and saw the Jaffa clock tower then took a taxi back to our hotel.

Jaffa is a port city that dates back 1440BC, with archaeological evidence suggesting its origins go back to 7500BC.  This is a nice small place to visit.


The Old Jaffa hill isn’t that big, but if you are pressed for time, I recommend doing what we did and have your taxi drop you off at the top of the hill and walk down.  If at all possible, do a little bit of research before you go; there’s lots of history right in front of you; if you don’t read beforehand or have a guide, you will miss the significance of this beautiful harbour town. Link to Jaffa WIKI

We went there early evening; it had just turned dark.  In Abrasha Park and on the promenade along the water way, there were lots of people, siteseers like us and families going out to dinner.  We felt very safe.

Tel Aviv City scape