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Bogotá Driving – Pictures from my trip, from the passenger seat

Background on Bogotá Driving: I was in Bogotá for two days of meetings.  No time for touristy things, just driving from meeting to meeting. 

For this posting, I share a few pictures from my mobile phone.  I took a couple of pictures from the restaurants I visited:  Andrés D.C and Cafe Amarti. For lunch one day, my host took me to Club Colombia.  i stayed at the 101 Park House hotel.

View looking North from Edificio Chico 100 in the Santa Bibiana Barrio of BogotáMy hotel and my company’s offices are in the Santa Bibiana Barrio — look East and you can see the Eastern Andes mountain range.  My meetings were in the El Chicó barrio.

The weather was in 70s during the day and in the upper 50s at night.  Not bad for a city 8600ft up in the mountains and on the equator. Really very nice.

Next time I will come back and do some sight seeing.

Feria de las Flores

Medellin – Feria de Las Flores and Fashion Week

Feria de las Flores, MedellinI was visiting Medellin, Colombia on business for a day of meetings.  The usual hotel near our offices was booked, so I stayed at the further away, but nicer InterContinental Hotel.  It turned out the week was a very busy one: Fashion Week Colombiamoda was ending and the Flower Festival / Feria de Las Flores was starting, so I was lucky to get a room.

My stay was very short and I had no time for tourist things.  So I took some pictures from my mobile phone while at the office and in a car.
The hotel is in the El Poblado area just off the Via Las Palmas highway. This is a major road that you follow to get to the airport. Just a short ways South on Via Las Palmas, there is a beautiful lookout point where you can see Medellin. My host took me here at night and it was breathtaking! It was a popular spot with lots of other people enjoying the view, too.
For reference, my cityscape photos were taken the Forum Skyscraper, 23rd floor.  The building is located right next to a popular shopping place called the Sante Fe Mall.  Both of these buildings are located in the La Aguacatala barrio of the El Poblado district of Medellin.  A very nice section of town mixed with residential and business.
Medellín sits in the Aburrá Valley surrounded by hills that make up a section of the Andes Mountains.  The city is at an elevation 5000ft; just North of the equator, the climate is beautiful — it never really gets too warm or too cold.  It was between 60 and 75 when I was there, and it was late in July.